``The world of sales in one app!``

Our Sales-App is the ideal tool for every sales employee at the company. It tailors presentations to specific customers in only a matter of seconds, contains all of the products like a digital catalogue and can effortlessly save and access all additional sales information including brochures and suchlike. Every function features additional notes from the sales employee along with the option of immediately favouring products which appeal to the customer. The results of the meeting with the customer – the customised presentation, along with all of the customers’ product preferences – can also be shared with the customer via e-mail. Sales has never been easier.

In future, your sales representatives will only have to take a Tablet PC with the sales app to their customer appointments. The app contains all of the necessary documents for the presentation and the sales meeting.

Naturally, your own sales at will be designed and implemented exactly the way you request and in accordance with your company guidelines.